We offer a range of services to clients who require specialist cost advice with respect to remedial works to buildings / estates. The scope and extent of our services can be tailored to suit each client’s specific requirements, as the nature and complexity of each project is different.

These services can be summaries as follows:

  1. Calculations and estimation of reinstatement costs.
  2. Preparation of schedules of works and/or bills of quantities for issue to contractors for tendering.
  3. Evaluation of the prices submitted by the tendering contractors.
  4. Provision of additional information in relation to (a), (b) and / or (c) above.
  5. Supervision of (re) construction works.
  6. Recommend payments to service providers on behalf of the contracting party.


We have specific expertise in achieving value for money and controlling construction costs. We offer a range of services to insurance companies / loss assessors to assist them in managing insurance claims which include examining, quantifying and querying reinstatement costs presented to them as part of a claim, and supervising the actual reinstatement work and / or payment schedule on the insurance companies behalf.


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