Quantity Surveying

KSQS will work closely with the client and design team at all stages of a project, from inception and feasibility study to final account. We ensure that a realistic budget is established and lead the tendering process, contract negotiation and preparation of contract documentation.

During the design and construction phase we operate hands-on, on site if appropriate, keeping the cost of the project within budget, while still realizing client requirements and functionality. The cost control services include preparing cost plans, preparing tender bills of quantities, cost management, post contract works and negotiating final accounts, the aim being to provide the best possible value for clients.

We tailor our service to meet the particular needs and objectives of each client and each project, but always strong interpersonal, negotiation and technical skills are demonstrated.

Quantity Surveying Services

The following is an indicative list of KSQS Quantity Surveying Services:

  • Initial Cost Advice
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Budget Estimating
  • Cost Planning
  • Procurement Options
  • Preparation of Contract Documentation
  • Preparation and Analysis of Tenders
  • Cost Control
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Valuations / Recommendations
  • Final Accounts Reconciliation
  • Capital Allowances
  • Property Reinstatement Valuations
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment

Project Management

We offer a full and complete service in this area of expertise including the following specialised services:

  • Develop strategic plan for the full design construction and and fit out
  • Make recommendations on design and construction team, discuss and appoint
  • Take detailed design brief with design team
  • Draw up elemental programme for design and construction of project
  • Review and monitor all statutory requirements on matters of planning, fire certificate, public utility, payment levies and connections
  • Initiate health and safety plan for design stage of project and transfer to supervising officer construction stage
  • Hold regular fortnightly design team review meetings to monitor design development, progress and coordination and costs in line with elemental programme and issue minutes
  • Review tendering procedures, time allowances and tender reports and report to client on all tendered costs with recommendations to appoint and contract
  • Hold preliminary on-site meeting with contractors to establish project parameters
  • Chair regular site meetings every two weeks initially and weekly when required to monitor progress and standards and issue minutes
  • Issue monthly progress reports with comparison to agreed elemental programme along with general review statement and detailed cost reports
  • Call monthly review meetings with client to advise on status of works and discuss in detail monthly reports and issue minutes
  • Deliver full health and safety file together with all operating manuals, certificates and guarantees to client on completion
  • Monitor all snagging during defects liability period after occupation and sign off on all completions and snagging prior to final certification
  • Advise, interview and partake in selection of design team appointments
  • Establish a cost discipline through agreement with the client and design team
  • Complete understanding of environmental services requirements
  • Coordinate planning and fire certificate application
  • Develop an overall programme in consultation with client and design team

Public Private Partnership

Public Private Partnership (PPP’s) are a different method of procuring public services and infrastructure by combining the best of the public and private sectors with an emphasis on value for money and delivering quality public services. It avoids public sector borrowing as the private company designs, bills, operates and finances the project for a number of years for an annual payment.

KSQS have experience in participating and providing Quantity Surveying Services on a variety of Public Private Partnership projects for private client tender bids.

Value Engineering

KSQS believe that Value Engineering is an important part of the cost management service provided by Brendan Merry & Partners. We implement an organised approach to the identification and elimination of unnecessary costs during the design of building projects and in conjunction with full design team co-operation can result in significant savings and value for money for our clients.

At KSQS we encourage Value Engineering exercises on our projects and believe that the earlier the Value Engineering is carried out, the more effective it can be.

Insolvency & Restructuring

In the current market there has been a significant increase in the number of developments and developers going into Examinership, Receivership and or Insolvency due to the downfall of the construction industry.

The funders, lenders, investors, project owners and receivers are looking for specialist in providing expert advice on managing processes to maximise recovery of their distressed assets or loans.

We provide a due diligence review of all aspects to an Examinership, Receivership or Insolvency case and provide pragmatic expertise advice on:

  • Key Creditors secured or unsecured
  • Valuation of works completed and works required to be completed
  • Review of work in progress, retention funds etc
  • Contractual advice
  • Bank Draw Down Payment Requests
  • Review of payments issued and amounts outstanding
  • Retendering of contracts and subcontracts
  • Review and prioritisation of subcontractor claims
  • Negotiation of settlement deals
  • Agreement of final accounts to establish amounts due
  • Review and prioritisation of retention fund status
  • Review of Collateral warranties, Bonds and Insurances
  • Renegotiation of contracts
  • Project management of the build out of incomplete projects
  • Temporary works required to secure and protect the site

Reinstatement Valuations

Building costs can change significantly over time and are not linked to the value of the property. Consequently, Insurance Reinstatement Valuations can rise or fall irrespective of market values.

The cost of rebuilding should be accurately calculated to prevent penalties in the event of claims and it is particularly relevant to commercial policies of insurance where, in a number of cases, the Average Clause can be implemented by insurers if sums insured are low.

In the current economic climate, with building costs reducing by as much as 30% and insurance premium increasing at similar rates, significant savings could be achieved on insurance polices with a proper reinstatement valuation.

KSQS’s team of specialists can prepare a Reinstatement Valuation in a timely and cost efficient manner.

It is always wise to have your insurance valuation periodically re-calculated to ensure you are adequately covered.

Self Build / Private Dwelling

If you are considering building a new home it would be well worth considering availing of all or part of our ‘Self-Build / Private Dwelling Service’. This package can be tailored to suit whatever stage you are currently at with your project whether it be pre-planning, pre-tender, tender assessment stage or even if construction has commenced.

Building, renovating or extending your own house can be a very stressful and complicated project to carry out. We provide a full range of quantity surveying services for our clients. Our primary goal is to establish and meet our Client’s objectives, employing a proactive approach to each stage of the project – development process.

We control construction costs by accurate measurement of the work required, the application of expert knowledge of costs and prices of work, labour, materials and plant required, an understanding of the implications of design decisions at an early stage to ensure that good value is obtained for the money to be expended.

You are very welcome to contact us to arrange an initial complimentary consultation to discuss your project and priorities and the key areas that require your consideration if you wish to establish and maintain a realistic budget for your project.

Services include:

Self Build/Private Dwelling Services include:

  • Cost Budgets for new builds and extensions
  • Budgets for mortgage/loan approval
  • Project management
  • Cash Flow Forecasts.
  • Advice on project procedures
  • Cost monitoring and control.
  • Compilation of tenders to various trades
  • Subcontractor, labour and materials breakdowns
  • Procurement and evaluation.
  • Advice on alternative construction methods and materials
  • Monitor and report on the project costs.
  • Fully detailed program of works.
  • Monthly Valuations
  • Costing Variations and changes to design and materials
  • Materials Lists

Insurance Claims

We offer a range of services to clients who require specialist cost advice with respect to remedial works to buildings / estates. The scope and extent of our services can be tailored to suit each client’s specific requirements, as the nature and complexity of each project is different.

These services can be summaries as follows:

  1. Calculations and estimation of reinstatement costs.
  2. Preparation of schedules of works and/or bills of quantities for issue to contractors for tendering.
  3. Evaluation of the prices submitted by the tendering contractors.
  4. Provision of additional information in relation to (a), (b) and / or (c) above.
  5. Supervision of (re) construction works.
  6. Recommend payments to service providers on behalf of the contracting party.

Services provided to insurance companies

We have specific expertise in achieving value for money and controlling construction costs. We offer a range of services to insurance companies / loss assessors to assist them in managing insurance claims which include examining, quantifying and querying reinstatement costs presented to them as part of a claim, and supervising the actual reinstatement work and / or payment schedule on the insurance companies behalf.

Dispute Resolution

In contentious Construction Litigation and Arbitration, Expert Witnesses are employed to assist the Court or Arbitrator with matters that fall outside the Tribunal’s area of professional expertise.

The Expert Witness provides the Judge or Arbitrator with opinion evidence based on his or her particular expertise and experience in his or her chosen area of professional practice and must be wholly independent of the Parties and impartial in the matter in dispute. An Expert Witness has no financial or other interest in the outcome of the dispute despite being retained by one of the Parties to give evidence and gives his or her honestly held opinion based on his or her appreciation and understanding of the facts and issues in dispute. Thus, the Expert’s duty is to the Tribunal and not to his or her Client.

Not all experts prove to be good expert witnesses as some can break down under cross-examination. A good Expert Witness will not only possess the qualities of an expert but who will prove to be an expert communicator, whose judgment is sound and who is comfortable with his or her report and testimony and who can deliver a wholly objective opinion that will be fully supported and which will be of assistance to the Court or Tribunal. In circumstances where new information comes to light then the Expert Witness will need to be able to deal with these changing circumstances and respond appropriately.

Appointments to act as an Independent Expert Witness are made by Solicitors and the costs involved represent part of the Legal Costs of any proceedings however, despite this, the payment terms and conditions of appointment are normally agreed with the Client directly.

Karl Slyne is a member of the Panel of Expert Witnesses for Construction Related Disputes. Karl’s expertise in report writing and in providing oral evidence in Court Proceedings has been developed over years and has been recognised by Main Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Construction Lawyers alike as being of a very high quality.

Karl has been appointed by Construction Lawyers – Solicitors in Litigation and pending Litigation and by Construction Employers in Arbitration.

Karl has given Expert evidence in Arbitral proceedings where he has been subjected to cross-examination by Senior Counsel. Karl has been involved in several high profile cases where the Court Proceedings or Arbitral Proceedings were settled either immediately prior to him taking the stand or during the course of his expert testimony.

This experience of acting in the capacity of Independent Expert Witness in Construction Disputes in the past makes Karl a most suitable candidate to fulfill this role in the future.
When acting as expert witness, Karl employs the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity and abides by the Code of Practice for Expert Witnesses laid down by the RICS.


Conciliation is a confidential process that is similar to Mediation wherein the Parties appoint an independent and impartial third Party (The Conciliator) who seeks to facilitate a settlement between the Parties through the skillful identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the Parties respective positions. A good Conciliator will be professionally qualified person with a breadth and depth of experience and will have a proper understanding of the technical, contractual, commercial and legal issues at play in any dispute.

He or she will be an expert communicator and capable of exploring potential solutions to the dispute. In Construction Conciliations it is usual to have plenary sessions wherein both Parties present their argument before the Conciliator and the other Party usually without interruption but this depends on the style adopted by the Conciliator who is master of the procedure.

In addition, the Conciliator will have private caucus meetings with each Party in separate rooms where he or she will test the Party’s argument in private and endeavor to lower tensions and expectations. If the difference between the Parties respective positions is not too great then a negotiated settlement may be achievable, which will become final and binding upon the Parties. If a settlement is not possible, then the proceedings will be adjourned and the Conciliator will retire to make his recommendation to the Parties.
The recommendation will be in a written format and if not dissented from by either Party within a specified period of time, normally 10 working days then the recommendation becomes final and binding.

Conciliation is widely employed In the Irish Construction Industry with all Standard Forms of Contract requiring the Parties to endeavor to resolve their differences through dialogue with the assistance of an Expert.

Under the Public Works Forms of Contract, Conciliation adopts a two stage approach. The first stage is identical to traditional Conciliation wherein the Conciliator explores ways of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement between the Parties. If this fails, then the Conciliator is obligated to issue a written recommendation based upon the rights and obligations of the Parties under the Contract. If this recommendation is not rejected within 45 calendar days then it becomes binding upon the Parties. This second stage is more akin to adjudication and differs from the Conciliation Procedures adopted by the Royal Institute of Architects Ireland and Engineer’s Ireland wherein the Conciliator may elect to recommend a sum of money that he or she considers is appropriate in all the circumstances and which the Parties can live with.

Karl Slyne has considerable expertise and experience working in the Construction Industry and in particular in the ADR sector. This expertise has been acknowledged by both Clients and Construction Lawyers alike and in this regard Karl possesses numerous complimentary Client references for his work.

Karl has considerable expertise and experience working in Construction Conciliation in Ireland on Building Projects. Karl has acted as Conciliator as well as working on behalf of clients engaged in the Conciliation process.

This expertise and experience is hugely beneficial and re-assuring to prospective Clients who will be engaging in Conciliation in an effort to resolve its dispute. In addition, Karl has considerable expertise in legal writing and in drafting Conciliation Settlement Agreements.

Karl has in depth experience of Construction Conciliation in Ireland and has been involved in complex Building Conciliations in recent years, all of which have resulted in positive outcomes for Clients.

Karl has prepared detailed submissions for Conciliation and has also acted as an advocate in Conciliation. He has also drafted settlement agreements for the Parties in a number of Conciliations that have been approved by the Parties and Co-signed by the Conciliator.

Expert Determination

Expert determination is a confidential form of dispute resolution whereby the Parties agree to the appointment of an independent and impartial Expert who has specific expertise and experience in the subject matter in dispute. The Parties usually agree to be bound by the expert’s decision. The process is normally conducted by way of written pleadings or submissions only and it is usually reserved for the more technically complex disagreements and / or disputes.

The process is thus, quicker and cheaper than other forms of dispute resolution and it is usual for the period in which the expert determination is to be delivered to the Parties to be specified by the Parties. The process is regulated by the agreement of the Parties.

Karl Slyne is widely regarded for his knowledge, skill and expertise in matters ADR and in Construction Claims. This expertise has been acquired over 17 years of working in the Construction Industry and is acknowledged by Clients and Construction Lawyers alike and when brought to bear upon a contractual disagreement, difference or dispute has resulted in positive outcomes for Clients in the past.

Karl’s expertise and experience in Building, Civil Engineering and Construction Law makes him an ideal person to act as in the capacity of chosen Independent Expert to determine matters of contention between Parties.

Karl has acted in the capacity of Independent Expert Witness in complex construction disputes having being appointed by Solicitors in Litigation and pending Litigation and also by Construction Employers, Liquidators and Contractors in Arbitration and thus, is well placed to fulfill the role of independent Expert to determine or adjudicate upon Construction Industry disputes.

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